Relax in Ballyhoura

"A healthy mind breeds a healthy body"

Relaxing and taking care of your mind and body IS being productive. Sometimes people can forget to take the time to look after themselves, by just taking a break. Whether this is stepping away from the screen for a few hours and going on a nice walk in your surrounding areas, or participating in some yoga, here is a list of relaxing activities for when you need to unwind.

Clare Glens Loop Walk 2

1. A walk along Clare Glens trail

Clare Glens, Murroe, Co. Limerick

This walk is perfect for when you want to get outside and give yourself a little challenge, surrounded by a dense forest and numerous waterfalls flowing through a red sandstone gorge.

The Clare River flows down between the loop walk, with bridges allowing you to cross over to the opposite side. The flow of the river marks the border between Tipperary and Limerick, meaning that when you cross over bridges, you are also crossing county lines.

This picturesque walk is family-friendly and the sound of the water, along with the surrounding nature is sure to allow you to escape from reality.

Rockbarton Garden Centre banner 4

2. Gardening at Rockbarton Garden Centre

Bruff Co. Limerick

Surrounding yourself with nature can allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of your life. Why not visit the Rockbarton Garden Centre, where they offer high-quality plants and bulbs to grow your own food!

A trip to this garden centre can allow your mind to wander, surrounded by gorgeous flowers and plants, with owner Lynda being on hand for all the hints and tips of planting your own garden!

Gardening is a great activity to get stuck into, allowing you to unwind and focus on something new. Be sure to check out Rockbartons Instagram page and website, where Lynda posts plenty of plant inspiration along with some top tips.

Yoga Walks Darbys Bed square

3. Intuitive Walk with Yoga Walks Ireland

Kilbehenny Co. Limerick

Yoga Walks Ireland offers guided walks and yoga classes/workshops. These guided yoga walks can be tailored to suit your level of fitness but their goal is to allow you to explore your limits, leaving you in tune with your body.

Being outside and embracing the outdoors is a healing experience in itself but these guided tours aim to fully immerse you in a journey of reflection. This experience leaves you re-charged and revitalised by the sun and the fresh air.

You can also book in for a one-to-one intuitive walk, focusing on your own personal journey. This walk aims to give you the exact guidance and healing that you need, leaving you feeling refreshed and at one with yourself, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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4. The Mindful Farmer RetrEATs

Ballinwillin House & Farm, Mitchelstown, Co.Cork

Patrick Mulcahy aka The Mindful Farmer is the owner of Ballinwillin House Farm, the only combined organic farmed venison, wild boar and goat farm in Ireland and the UK.

He is a serial entrepreneur and his business interests include the production of handcrafted artisan food, a boutique B&B at Ballinwillin, a vineyard in Hungary, the annual music festival, Indiependence, which is held on his deer farm and “RetrEAT” a weekend experience to nourish the body and mind.

During his childhood, Pat developed a system to cope with the challenges of growing up on a small farm. From as young as 8 years of age, he was practising mindfulness which he acknowledges helped him immensely during his work in his first career as a Garda.

In 2017 Pat created a “Thinking Path” on the grounds of Ballinwillin House Farm and in 2018 he added a holistic garden with areas dedicated to mindfulness, meditation and forgiveness. He has a huge interest in health and well being and is an advocate for nourishing the mind and body.