Slí Eile Farmers Market

Sli Eile Market

Slí Eile Saturday market will resume in April 2024!


Sli Eile Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm at Sli Eile Farm and Bakery.

People can come and experience the calming and restorative energy of Burton Park, have coffee, yummy foods, explore the craft stalls, and rest in the gardens while listening to local musicians.

Sli Eile is a mental health charity and often provides gardening advice to people as they wander around, meet our volunteers, tenants, and staff.

Sli Eile hopes to have a wellness event on the August Bank holiday weekend offering classes in meditation, yoga, and talks on aromatherapy as well as an opportunity to take some time out and just connect with family and friends in a safe environment. Updates on the event to follow.

Please see their Facebook page for information on upcoming Market days and updates.

Contact: Jess Angland

Email: [email protected]