Lough Gur Summer Solstice 2024

Summer Solstice Events Poster 2024 at Lough Gur Co. Limerick

The Lough Gur Summer Solstice series of events for 2024 will take place from June 21st to June 23rd. Here are some exciting activities you can participate in during this special time. Lough Gur will be celebrating the Summer Solstice again this year, more details on events will follow in time. The regular early morning Solstice Cycle and Solstice Yoga at the lakefront will be held again for those looking for an energetic boost.

Solstice Dawn Meditation with the Calm Collective:

Event Date: June 21st at 7 am,.

Join a serene meditation session at the lakefront. Breathe in the early morning tranquillity as the sun rises on the longest day of the year.

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Foraging Wild Foods and Herbal Extraction Workshop:

Event Date: June 22nd at 12 mid-day.

Explore the natural bounty of the area Learn about wild foods and herbal remedies while surrounded by the beauty of Lough Gur.

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Discovering Aine and the Ancient Oak

Event Date: from 4pm on June 23rd.

Come and immerse yourself in a historical talk at Lough Gur Visitor Centre. Learn about Aine, the goddess associated with the area, and the ancient oak trees that hold centuries of wisdom.

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Solstice Goddess Circle with Bloom Holistic:

Event Date: 12:30 pm June 23rd.

Assemble at Lough Gur Visitor Centre on Connect with the divine feminine energy and celebrate the solstice in community. Eventbrite


Yoga with Una O’ Rourke:

Event Date: June 30th at 10 am

Time for relaxing stretch and rejuvenate with a yoga session led by Una O’ Rourke. The peaceful setting of Lough Gur Visitor Centre provides the perfect backdrop.

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