Introduction to Creative Writing with Friar's Gate Theatre

Let's Get Creative!

Have you always wanted to write stories but didn’t know how to begin? Didn’t know where to begin? The Introduction to Creative Writing is aimed at anyone who enjoys writing and who would like to learn the basics of storytelling.

Brought to you by Friars Gate Theatre based in Kilmallock, join Sheila Quealey as she aims to ignite the creative spark in participants!

Each class will be devoted to learning and developing new creative writing skills. Through a series of creative writing exercises, each participant will begin the process of writing a complete short story.

This course will encourage new writers to share their work, in a creative supportive atmosphere, with the other participants in the group helping to generate confidence and ideas.

To participate in this course, you need no previous experience in creative writing. Everyone is welcome!

This course will commence on Monday, April 12th at 2 pm-4 pm for 6 weeks Online Via Zoom.

Fee: €80

Through creative participation, participants will learn to:

  • Identify and understand the basic elements of storytelling: Plot, Conflict, Resolution, and Character.
  • Develop Primary and Secondary Characters.
  • Learn to develop these elements individually through creative writing exercises.
  • Connect these elements to create a story.
  • Develop setting.
  • Explore types and uses of explorative language.
  • Develop and write about Character's emotions.
  • Editing and Revision.
  • Communal sharing of work in progress

To book a place on this course, email or call 063-98727