HearSay International Audio Arts Virtual Festival

HearSay Festival: HomeFires Edition

The mission is a simple one: To create a home that inspires creative audio around the world.

The HearSay International Audio Festival hosts international award-winning contributors from all disciplines of creative audio; radio features, film sound, sound art, theatre sound, music, audio fiction.

In 2019, that home was once again Kilfinane, a mountain village in Ireland which for the four days and nights of the HearSay International Audio Festival was taken over by the worlds finest audio makers.

Given the current climate, people from all around the world cannot gather in our beautiful village until it is safe for everyone to do so with open arms and visible smiles.

This year a special VIRTUAL edition of the HearSay festival will take place from the 22nd-25th April 2021. The online event will be known as “HearSay HomeFires”.


Think Interactive. Think Experimental. Think “Why Not”!

All of us are frustrated sitting all day long in front of the computer, communicating with people only through the screen. So let's make it interesting, funny, personal, powerful, interactive, human.

Bring your ideas to life - crazy, simple, complicated, beautifully mad or wildly experimental ideas.

Ideas can tap into the fact that our community is spread all around the world, in different time zones, using different languages. They can be rooted in our tender mix of passionate new adventurers in audio and old hands. They can foster collaborations across the audio disciplines. They can be solo surprises!

Hearsay fosters collaboration & imagination, compelling insights, creative challenges, unique experiences with no name badges. HearSay means passion and free-flowing inspiration rooted in a real sense of community.

Visit “HearSay HomeFires” for more info.