Doneraile Arts Fest

Doneraile Art FesT 2021 will run from the 12th to the 15th of August 2021 and include art and craft workshops as well as our highly anticipated Plein Air competition.

It is going to be packed with much more fun and great plans, with more crafting, new experiences and a continuation of exploring our creativity as a community.

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Me + The Mo°n Process Art Workshop

Children and parents will first create their own sketch book with the guidance of a fully qualified art teacher. After receiving creative prompts and ideas along with age-appropriate drawing tools, families will then set off on a drawing tour of the wonderful scenery and wildlife in Doneraile Park. This Process Art workshop is designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity and confidence.

Children will be encouraged to look more deeply at landscapes, townscapes and items in nature that they may be used to seeing every day, and be given quick demonstrations on analytical drawing and finding negative spaces.


This year, we take the pressure off as DAFT offers two workshops for beginners: Painting for the Petrified with Jaclyn Hargreaves, and Therapeutic Art with Anita Geaney.

Other workshops that might be suitable for beginners is Heart of Wombyn, where Yvonne Teskey leads attendees to discover their feminine muse within through the medium of meditation, yoga and art; and Yoga and Colour, where Orlaith Horgan explores postures and practices that awaken the body, balancing the chakras and creating a positive vibe within our beings.


There are three offerings this year for those interested in portraiture: Painting the Portrait in Oils, and Painting the Portrait from the Live Model with Julianne Guinee, as well as Portrait & Caricature Drawing Workshop for teens, run by Mark Heng.


Three workshops are available for those interested in crafts:

Felting with Mary Walsh of Olann Iontach,

Lampshade Making with Olive Murphy

Súgán Chair Making with Gordon Mewis.


This year we have Plein Air Painting Guided workshop with Kathy Tiernan, and our highly anticipated Plein Air Competition with fabulous prizes.

Artist Jaclyn Hargreaves leads this guided Plein Air workshop in the breathtaking Doneraile Wildlife Park.

Take part in our highly anticipated Plein Air competition, where there will be attractive cash prizes as well as a people’s choice award. from local sponsors. More information, and terms and conditions to be found here.


Three workshops are available for those who seek a spiritual path: Heart of Wombyn by Yvonne Teskey aids you in exploring and discoving their feminine muse within through the medium of meditation, yoga and art. In Therapeutic Art, Anita Geaney uses art as therapy in a judgement-free, pressure-free zone.

Finally, in Yoga and Colour, Orlaith Horgan guides you in getting in touch with yourself and listening to your soul and creating positive vibes within yourself.