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The priest St. Berrihert lived in the Galtee mountains in the 8th century alone with nature and God and near to a sacred well.

The Kyle is close to the little village of Ardane and not easy to find.

From the main road, you will see a sign for Golden Mile, Winner 2003, turn left on the opposite road. Half a mile down this road is a gate with a no parking sign. Go through this gate and cross the first field (Be aware that there maight be cows or bulls!). From there you will find the wooden trail that will lead you to the Kyle and the Well.

There are 72 slabs, fragments of a quernstone, four roundstones, the head and base of a large cross, the head of a small cross and a slab with an incomplete inscription on it.

Many people leave little things at the Kyle, pictures of saints or children, rosaries, stones and coins. People also leave pieces of cloth and ribbon in the trees and bushes as a reminder of their prayers. This create a very special and strange atmosphere.

Further down, under a group of trees and bushes lies the holy place of sacred water. A pilgrims path encircles the pond. It is said, pilgrims should walk the path three times, slowly, while whispering their prayer. The prayer would sink deeper and deeper into the soul, and in the deepest ground an eager pilgrim will find the answers to his questions.

It is said the water cures burns and scalds, and is good for the eyes. There are cups hanging in the trees to taste the holy water. The water is coming up from the ground with big bubbles which adds to the mystic and holliness of this hidden place.

St Berrihert is celebrated locally on February 18th with local Mass and followed by rounds of personal prayer at the site.