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Distance: 12km Time: 2hr 30mins  3hrs
Trailhead : O’Briens Bridge, Co Clare

A-B. Starting from the riverside car park, follow the pathway along the River Shannon away from the village. You are following the red arrows on the waymarkers but there are also blue arrows (for the shorter Errinagh Bridge Loop which you will leave) and the yellow arrows of the Lough Derg Way (a long-distance walking route which goes from Limerick City to Killaloe). The pathway soon enters an area of natural woodland along the bank of the river  this was the old towpath. After 1km the route swings right as you join the Errinagh Canal.

B-C. Continue to follow the canalbank to reach Errinagh Bridge. Go under the bridge, and on your exit, climb the embankment and turn left following the red and yellow arrows. (Notice that the blue loop turns right at this point as it makes its way back to O’Briensbridge.

C-D. Follow the red and yellow arrows along a mix of towpath and sandy roadways, passing a canal lock on the way. At the end of this section you join a tarred road where you turn right and, after 200m enter Clonlara Village. In the village, turn right onto a roadway.

D-E. Follow the roadway onto the embankment of the Shannon Headrace and follow it for 5km (picking up the blue loop on the way) to exit via a stile at the end of forestry and onto a roadway. Continue straight here.

E-F. After 300m enter the village again, turning right as you join the tarred road.

F-A. Follow the road through the village  enjoying the 200m back to the trailhead.