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The proper title of this building is the Dominican Friary or St Saviours Priory. It dates back to 1291 and its history is great. It began when Gilbert Fitzgerald of the White Knights invited the Dominicans to the monastery that he had built. The Fitzgeralds were the main benefactors of the friary and Maurice Fitzgerald was the main patron of the friary when it was enlarged in 1320.
It is situated across the river Lúbach and close to the former parish church in Kilmallock. In the centre of the choir of the church lies the tomb of the last White Knight, Edmund. The top of the tomb is broken in two and there is a small hollow in the tomb, caused by dripping water, which is called the braon shinsior. This is regarded as a mark of divine displeasure of the way Edmund treated his fellow Catholics.

In 1639 three chalices were made for the convent in Kilmallock and inscriptions on all three mention the Burgatt family. There is a plaque to the Burgatt family in the choir of the priory. One of the chalices was given by Callaghan OCallaghan and it includes a prayer for Maurice, son of Edward Fitzgibbon, the White Knight who died in 1608. Some of the chalices of the abbey have survived due to the fact that the abbey was shut down.