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North-west of Galbally, at the pinnacle of a 265 metre high hill, is the megalithic (mega=big; lith=stone) passage grave known as Duntryleague .The Fort of the Three Pillar Stones, which is perhaps 6,000 or more years old. Known locally as Darbys Bed, the tomb has a long almost inaccessible entrance passage. The roof rises likes steps to the top of its chamber and is regarded as being similar to megalithic tombs in Brittany, France. The entrance passage faces north-west in line with the Midsummer sunset.

Nearby in the surrounding woodland are eight smaller mounds, possibly dating back some 4,000 years to the Bronze Age. Also in the woodland is a circular mound, 19 metres in diameter, faced with drystone kerbs. This is the place to visit when you want to travel back thousands of years into the great and very interesting irish history

According to fable and folklore it is believed that it is the grave of Olill Olum, who was one of the early kings of Munster. It is also believed that the eloping couple Diarmuid and Grainne rested here in their flight from the angry Fionn MacCumhaill. The tomb and the cairn, which is nearby, are National Monuments.

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