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Trailhead: Community Centre, Anglesboro, Co Limerick
Distance: 18km Time: 4hrs -5hrs

A-B. Starting from the Community Centre, follow the purple (and green) arrows downhill and veer right at the road junction. The green arrows are for the shorter Paradise Hill Loop. Pass Lane Shop on your right and continue out of the village and uphill to join a laneway on your right. Turn right here.

B-C. Follow the purple and green arrows along the laneway and into forestry across Paradise Hill. On the descent watch for a stile on your right as both loops turn into forestry. After 50m the loop turns right and follows the forestry road for almost 2km to reach a 3-way junction where the Paradise Hill Loop proceeds straight  but you turn right. Now follows a long section of forestry road  halfway through you are afforded fine views on your right of Knockaceol (the hill of music). At the end of this section you reach a crossroads where you turn left.

C-D. Continue to follow the purple arrows for 500m when the loop turns left at a Y-junction and swings into a forested river valley. A sharp right bend marks the midway point and you exit at a junction with a green road on your right. Approx 1km later you rejoin the Paradise Hill Loop at a 3-way junction.

D-E. Now follow both loops for 200m to reach a T-junction where you turn right, and after 300m take a sharp left. Now follows a long ascent to the highest point of the loop on the shoulder of Temple Hill. Fine views open up on your left as you descend to reach a sharp left turn where the loop turns right and crosses a stile into a field and turns left and downhill.

E-A. The loop descends for 200m to reach the stile you crossed at B above. This time continue straight and rejoin the outward section of the loop on the return to the trailhead.